Hout Bay CurtainCall offers clear PVC roller blinds for protection solutions against COVID-19 contamination.

These solutions provide a safe barrier for social distancing but still allow visibility and are easy to operate, clean and disinfect. They can be used for protection at cash counters, reception desks or partitions between offices and workstations

The screen can be a fixed application suspended from the ceiling or an operational roller system.

The operational roller system.

Offers an attractive, professional look which can be manually operated by means of a rollerball chain or motorised and gives you the option of raising or lowering the barrier as required. This is useful if goods need to be transferred under the screen briefly before lowering the screen again.

We will be happy to come and measure for you observing all the required Health and Safety regulations in order to provide you with a quote.

The fixed screen (non-operable) option has three mounting options:


A spring toggle or butterfly mount

The mount expands once inserted into the ceiling

A side guide wire mount

A bracket and screw option

outdoor shear-weave roller blinds for sun control

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